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We protect forests and support Ukraine


Finland Ukraine Ostrobotniia Kalyna is an association founded to help those in need in the shadows of the war in Ukraine. They help with transportation of emergency materials, medicines, as well as transporting refugees to Ostrobothnia in Finland. The association's domicile is Vörå municipality. 

Korsholm Music Festival is helping the victims of war in Ukraine. In addition to donating supplies, the Music Festival will also provide concert experiences to those who are interested. 
We hope you will join the effort through a voluntary donation to their account or at the concerts at the ticket sales in the entrées. 

Finland Ukraina Ostrobotniia Kalyna rf. ry. 

FI27 3131 1002 3862 11 

Message : KALYNA 

License number: RA/2022/828 

This year, we will not be distributing flowers to artists after the concerts. Instead, we will protect the old-growth forests by donating to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. We would also like to invite artists and the public to protect the Finnish forests with us.

Read more about the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.



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Safe to attend Korsholm Music Festival's concerts!


Thanks to the good Corona situation in Finland, this year Korsholm Music Festival can be arranged without restrictions.

We continue to take extra measures to ensure that your concert visit is safe and secure.


Before the concert:
Contact surfaces and door handles are disinfected before and during the concert according to the authorities' instructions. We will have programmes for sale before the concerts, and we recommend you card payments.



When you come to Korsholm Music Festival's concert halls 2022:
- Stay at home if you feel sick, have short of breath or cough
- Wait to be admitted to the hall, queue from a distance, do not rush!
- Remember hand hygiene, use hand disinfection - it is in place!
- We recommend you to wear a mask. Masks are sold before concerts at the concert venues.
- If you cough, do it in a disposable handkerchief or in the armpit!

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Lunch discussions at restaurant Loftet with Mats Larsson Gothe


This year the festival's composer-in-residence is Mats Larsson Gothe. During the festival week he will host lunch discussions at our festival café Loftet, with various artists joining him for a lively discussion. Come join us for lunch, talks – there will also be a little music!


The first lunch discussion will be held on the first day of the festival, Wednesday 28.7. at 12.30 pm, and Music Festival’s artistic director and violinist Cecilia Zilliacus, conductor Jonathan Stockhammer, soprano Christina Daletska and double bassist Rick Stotijn will join Mats Larsson Gothe for the event.


Other lunch discussions will take place on Friday 30.7, Monday 2.8. and Wednesday 4.8. The discussions will begin at 13.00 pm and before that you can enjoy lunch at Loftet. You will find the events from our concert page as well as our programme book – so you can check which artists will be there and when!


Free entry to all lunch discussions. The lunch can be paid at Loftet.

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Welcome to a guided concert excursion!


Unesco's World Heritage Site, Söderfjärden, Vaasa city center… This year we have many interesting excursions in Vaasa and surrounding areas at Korsholm Music Festival. The excursions include concert tickets, many fun activities and something to eat or drink. Read more about our excursions here.

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Recycled Design at Korsholm Music Festival


Broken dishes, patches of fabric and pieces of yarn all get a new life at Korsholm Music Festival's recycling themed " Recycled Design" sales counter. Come admire local craftspeople's products and find some souvenirs!

You can come by the sales counter before and after the following concerts:

30.7. at 7 pm. Vaasa City Church, concert No. 9 “Das Lied von der Erde”

1.8. at 7 pm Vaasa City Hall, concert No. 16: "Great Expectations" 

4.8. at 8 pm. Vaasa City Church, concert No. 28 “Waldszenen”

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The summer's concerts are now for sale!


Please Note! We are only releasing 50 seats for each concert now to begin with and we will follow the situation regading how many people in the audience are allowed to the halls in July and August. We will keep you updated on our social media and homepage during the summer.


Buy your tickets here or at the NetTicket booking offices:


The concert programme can be found here:

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Towards 2021


Korsholm Music Festival was held online this summer between 28.7.-5.8!

Artistic Director Cecilia Zilliacus thinks that a live concert in front of an audience still is the best way of communicating music. Streaming is good in addition to live concerts in the future and especially nice for those who can´t make it to a concert hall. Many musicians this year have missed the interaction with an audience from behind the cameras. Still Zilliacus is happy that Korsholm Musid Festival could be arranged under the circumstances and with such good quality of the concerts.  ”In general the festival has done well, this was planned, when we finally took the decision" says director Johnson. We have learned the secrets of streaming! The personal encounters between audience and musicians is a loss, though. That is what makes the excitement of the festival.     


Next year the festival is arranged 28.7 - 4.8 2021!
Part of the artists that was cancelled this year due to Covid-19, will come next summer. Progressive rock on classical instruments by ORBI- ensemble from the Netherlands and german Signum Quartet will participate. Jazz guitarist Mathias Sandberg from Vasa and the operadivas Pia-Karin Helsing and Christin Högnabbawill be there. The Musethica- organisation of young musicians will participate. As residence composer will be Swedish Mats Larsson Gothe. Another composer participating is the Finnish Sebastian Fagerlund. More information about programme and artists to come during the Autumn.  

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Live concerts & Live streams


This year, our festival is mostly virtual, but fortunateluy the Corona situation in Ostrobothnia and Finland is under control and we are able to invite a limited amount of audience to our concerts. The number of people allowed at the different concert sites varies from 20 seats to a couple of hundred. We still ask the audience to note that the concerts are filmed with a fairly large apparatus and several cameras and this can affect the visibility and make it difficult to concentrate on the music.


If you want to guarantee your seat at the concerts, please book at or by calling us on 040 833 2022. We have no tickets for the concerts, except for Laihia Church, where tickets cost 20 € and are for sale via Programmes are for sale at each concert for 10 €.


Note! Check out our info regarding Corona security at our concerts here.


We allow a limited amount of seats for the following concerts:

28.7. Evening Music - Appassionata
29.7. Opening Concert - Note! No more seats left!

30.7. Finnish violin music from the 20s
31.7 Young musicians & Back to the twenties! 

1.8. Beethoven & the twenties!

2.8. Young musicians

3.8. Total Chamber Music Mania!

4.8. The magic of cello

5.8. Closing Concert

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