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16th of December - DADA 1


During the festival 2020, we introduced one Dada-film per day along with the Festival Studio and Concert live streams. As a countdown for christmas, we will post one Dada-film everyday on our website. 


“DADA fail or the short history of Chichi van der Hünkelstrasse”
1 “About Dadaism”



The dada art movement was essentially a reaction to the first world war. The idea was, that traditional art, with all its conventions, was a part of the social climate which had led the world to the insanity of 1914. The Dadaist solution to this was to develop art which was free from all pre-set rules and patterns, in language, pictures, and sound. Of course, dada didn’t evolve from a vacuum; even before the war, the world of art had been stirring and brewing with expressionism, futurism and cubism, to name some new ideas, which had in common the desire to break away from the old and create a new art for the new century. For the Dadaists, however, this wasn’t enough. They didn’t see any point in supplanting old rules with a new set; the rules needed to be dispensed with altogether.


There are varying opinions as to where this movement originated, but one early hotspot was the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, revolving around poet Hugo Ball. The dada movement quickly spread to Berlin and Paris, where artist such as Marcel Duchamp started exhibiting everyday objects, and on to the USA.

Provocation was an essential part of dada. The ambition was to shake people out of their ordinary mind-sets, question and doubt old truths. Exhibitions which were forced to close, and artists arrested for disturbing behaviour was all part of the pattern. But, alas, as all things new and chocking, dada eventually lost its allure. General interest faded and, ironically, many of the important Dadaist works of art were added to the global canon of art and commerce; the very canon which the Dadaist had sought to destroy.

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Live concerts & Live streams


This year, our festival is mostly virtual, but fortunateluy the Corona situation in Ostrobothnia and Finland is under control and we are able to invite a limited amount of audience to our concerts. The number of people allowed at the different concert sites varies from 20 seats to a couple of hundred. We still ask the audience to note that the concerts are filmed with a fairly large apparatus and several cameras and this can affect the visibility and make it difficult to concentrate on the music.


If you want to guarantee your seat at the concerts, please book at or by calling us on 040 833 2022. We have no tickets for the concerts, except for Laihia Church, where tickets cost 20 € and are for sale via Programmes are for sale at each concert for 10 €.


Note! Check out our info regarding Corona security at our concerts here.


We allow a limited amount of seats for the following concerts:

28.7. Evening Music - Appassionata
29.7. Opening Concert - Note! No more seats left!

30.7. Finnish violin music from the 20s
31.7 Young musicians & Back to the twenties! 

1.8. Beethoven & the twenties!

2.8. Young musicians

3.8. Total Chamber Music Mania!

4.8. The magic of cello

5.8. Closing Concert

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