Opening in the Korsholm Church!

The coastline and the archipelago of Vaasa and Korsholm are among the most beautiful areas in the Nordic area. Since 1983 the Korsholm Music Festival has invited leading Nordic and international artists to perform during this wonderful summer period with music ranging from baroque compositions to classical chamber works and new music.

The festival, that is one of the most acknowledged chamber music festivals in Finland, brings its own mood to this coastal region as music resounds in concert halls, restaurants, museums and idyllic church buildings. Our famous "daylight" during the nights brings a special magic to the festival atmosphere!

In Year 2015 the Korsholm Music Festival will be arranged from 30.7. - 6.8. The top-performing artists consist of skilled Finnish musicians together with foreign guests. The program is being processed during the autumn 2014.

Henri Sigfridsson, professor and pianist, is the artistic director for Korsholm Music Festival 2013 - 2015

Korsholm Music Festival is being arranged in 2015 from 30st of July to 6th of August. Henri Sigfridsson is appointed Artistic Director of Korsholm Music Festival for a three-year period. "I am impressed by the possibilities the concert venues are offering and my aim is a diverse chamber music program – known pieces within classical music mixed with other musical genres" The planning for year 2015 has begun. News will come before christmas 2014.


Henri Sigfridsson, piano

Akiko Sigfridsson, piano

Risto-Matti Marin, piano